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We specialise in New Zealand immigration procedures and we are licensed by Immigration Advisers Authority, which is the governing body of all immigration advisers in New Zealand. We process all types to New Zealand. We help you achieve your goal to reach New Zealand by assisting you with the right immigration advise and liaise with the Immigration Department of New Zealand. Our goal is to focus on your application process and ensure all the right steps are taken in order to get the required visa.


We are personally responsible for your visa application process and provide the things that matter most to you and your family and help to protect your interests in the emigration process:

We Offer:

  • Independent adviser who works directly with you
  • Expertise in visa processing and resettlement.
  • Personalised, in-depth assessment procedures
  • Help you from Visa application process pitfalls S
  • Support and assistance from start to finish
  • Peace of mind


The decision to emigrate to a new country is possibly the biggest decision you'll ever make, so you want to be sure that you follow the right process to obtain your visa, that will enable a smooth move to New Zealand. By taking advise from a Licensed Immigration Adviser, you can drastically reduce the possibility that your application may be returned, refused or rejected or delayed.

We will help and support to ensure that your application has the BEST POSSIBLE chance of success.

All the successful applicants have approached an Adviser at some stage in the immigration process to achieve their emigration objective and to protect themselves from the risk of making a technical error in the visa or residency process.

Potential immigrants often underestimate the process of applying for New Zealand of visas and the likelihood that their application might actually be rejected, or at least delayed longer than they expected.

There are a number of possible ‘pitfalls’ like:

  • applying under the wrong visa class,
  • claiming the wrong occupational classification,
  • failing to provide all necessary documentation,
  • failing to answer official questions correctly.

Please contact us for your New Zealand visa needs and we can ensure that you apply for the right visa type and produce all the right documents and liaise with immigration New Zealand in a prompt manner to facilitate a seamless processing of your visa application.


Resident Visas

Make New Zealand your home and enjoy the leisure life style while you continue with your career. Resident visa gives you the ability to stay in New Zealand for a long term, enjoying most of the benefits of citizens.

Temporary Visas

Temporary visas enable you to visit work and conduct business for a set period of time. There should be genuine reason for your visit that may include enjoying a pleasure trip, work for a given period or meet your clients on business purpose

Business Visas

If you got enough money, you can either invest or start as an entrepreneur, both these visas can later be converted to permanent resident visas. Got Skills, ideas and $$$, this could be the ideal visa to move to New Zealand