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Terms and Conditions – Medha Consultants

By accessing this website, you accept to comply with the terms and conditions mentioned below. These terms and condition are defined by Medha Consultants and has full discretion to make amendments to the existing T&C.

The information supplied on the website is meant to be an eye opener for the available visas to New Zealand. This information is generic in nature and not meant to define a process related to any type of visa. If you are interested in seeking immigration advice, you need to sign up with Medha and your case will be handled according the professional standards defined by IAA

Medha shall not be liable for any indemnities whatsoever, caused in connection with the use of information provided on the website. We do not provide any kind of guarantee of the quality or accuracy pertaining to the content of the Website, while we strive to get the most relevant information.

We understand the need to safeguard your personal information, and respect your rights under the Privacy Act 1993. The Act regulates us through the Information Privacy Principles as to how we collect, use, hold, disclose, access, correct, manage and dispose of your personal information.

These Terms and Conditions apply to everyone who submit an application to be assessed for their eligibility to migrate to New Zealand. In submitting the eligibility assessment registration form, you therefore agree to be comply by these terms and conditions.

We will provide the assessment of your eligibility to apply to migrate to New Zealand for eligible visa categories, followed by a consultation.

We are licensed immigration advisers and all consultations will be done through them directly or by a staff member from our administration. The Immigration advise will be given only by a licensed immigration adviser. The staff will only facilitate the process by collecting information and act as a channel

We trust that the information provided in the visa assessment is accurate and truthful to your knowledge and any discrepancies could affect our assessment of your eligibility accordingly.

We make the assessment based on the details you provide in the Free Eligibility Assessment questionnaire and on current policies of New Zealand immigration law. While we attempt to give an accurate indication as to your ability to meet immigration requirements, the final decision in any immigration application rests firmly with the relevant Government immigration authority and we are therefore not responsible for the outcome of any subsequent immigration application which you may choose to make.

The website, and all interactions entered through, are governed per New Zealand Law.


Resident Visas

Make New Zealand your home and enjoy the leisure life style while you continue with your career. Resident visa gives you the ability to stay in New Zealand for a long term, enjoying most of the benefits of citizens.

Temporary Visas

Temporary visas enable you to visit work and conduct business for a set period of time. There should be genuine reason for your visit that may include enjoying a pleasure trip, work for a given period or meet your clients on business purpose

Business Visas

If you got enough money, you can either invest or start as an entrepreneur, both these visas can later be converted to permanent resident visas. Got Skills, ideas and $$$, this could be the ideal visa to move to New Zealand