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Proposed Changes to International Students Work Rights

It is essential to understand that there are no changes implemented yet and these are only proposed changes to the current post study work rights for international students.

Few facts that you need to understand:

  • These will not affect the current students
  • May not affect the students who enrolled for the July intake
  • These are only at proposal stage and do not treat them as implemented changes

While we wait for the confirmation of changes, the Govt of New Zealand is giving an opportunity to hear to all stakeholders. So, it is essential to contribute your opinion to the Govt of New Zealand by filling this form

 Here is the summary of Proposed Changes:

Proposed changes to post-study work rights for international students

There are four proposed changes to the settings for post-study work rights to better align with the Government’s objectives. These are as follows:

  • Proposal One: to remove employer assisted post-study work visas at all levels
  • Proposal Two: to provide a one-year open work visa post-study for non-degree level 7 or below
  • Proposal Three: to provide a three-year open work visa post-study for degree level 7 or above
  • Proposal Four: to require students studying at non-degree level 7 (such as graduate diplomas) to study in New Zealand for at least two years to be entitled to post-study work visas (this aligns with current sub-degree requirements)

Rights for partners and dependent children of international students

  • It is proposed that international students studying at Level 8 or Level 9 must be studying in an area specified on the LTSSL for their partner to be eligible for ‘Partner of a Student’ work visa.
  • No change is proposed to the settings for Level 7 and below, or for Level 10 qualifications. This will align the requirements at Level 8 and 9 for international students to sponsor a partner, with the current settings for international students studying at Level 7.

 Please do not forget to voice your opinion by providing your response to the consultation by clicking this below link


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