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Resident Visas

New Zealand Residence visa enables you to stay in New Zealand indefinitely and have almost the same rights as a New Zealand citizen, except for a few of them. By being a   Residence, you are able to buy property, you and your kids can attend New Zealand schools as a domestic student and have full benefit of New Zealand healthcare. After being a residence for 12 months you are able to vote and then after two years you are able to claim New Zealand Welfare. People immigrating to New Zealand can gain Permanent Residency under three categories: Skilled Migrant Category(SMC), a Work to Residence Visa or through Partner and Family Categories.

Skilled Migrants are those people who have the potential to offer and apply their skills for the workforce in New Zealand. The key areas considered for the SMC category are, your skills, experience and qualifications, based on which the initial weightage(points) is measured to apply for the first stage of this visa, Expression of Interest(EOI). If you do not meet the criteria under the Skilled Migrant Category, then you are able to apply for a general work visa once you have secured a job offer with a New Zealand employer. The final option for permanent residency is if you have a partner or family in New Zealand and you are wishing to remain together as a family. Partners, parents and dependent children are able to apply for permanent residency if you have a family member who is a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.


Licensed Immigration Adviser
Kiran Palukuri


Resident Visas are obtained in three possible ways


Skilled Migrant Category

The quickest and most popular way to New Zealand Residency


Work to Residence Visa

A Skilled employment offer can help get a work visa that can be converted to a resident visa


Partner and Family Categories

If you are a partner or a dependent parent of a NZ resident or citizen, you are eligible for a resident visa


Resident Visas

Make New Zealand your home and enjoy the leisure life style while you continue with your career. Resident visa gives you the ability to stay in New Zealand for a long term, enjoying most of the benefits of citizens.

Temporary Visas

Temporary visas enable you to visit work and conduct business for a set period of time. There should be genuine reason for your visit that may include enjoying a pleasure trip, work for a given period or meet your clients on business purpose

Business Visas

If you got enough money, you can either invest or start as an entrepreneur, both these visas can later be converted to permanent resident visas. Got Skills, ideas and $$$, this could be the ideal visa to move to New Zealand