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One of the quickest and most popular manner to get a resident visa to New Zealand.

The resident visa under SMC category is based on points. The points are calculated based on factors like age, qualifications, experience, partner’s qualification(if applicable) and couple of other aspects. As the points are based on multiple factors, it is advised to take the help of a licensed immigration adviser who can take the correct approach to calculate your points and help ensure that you are in the right path to get your residency. You need at least 160 points to be eligible to submit or participate in the first stage, EOI. Applications are shortlisted through a draw which is conducted every fortnight. Once you qualify with the necessary points, you are able to apply for the first stage, Expression of Interest (EOI), which can be submitted online to Immigration New Zealand(INZ). Once your EOI is selected from the pool draw, INZ will invite you to apply for residence visa

Our Service for Skilled Migrant Visa:

  • Advise and assist you through-out the visa process
  • Liaise with Immigration New Zealand and keep you updated about your visa
  • Assist with Job your search
  • Guidance on initial settlement
  • We are onshore in New Zealand and able to represent employers on your behalf


It is always essential to get in touch with a Licensed Immigration Adviser to do the right thing and follow the right process so you are not left with any disappointment.

Licensed Immigration Adviser
Kiran Palukuri



Resident Visas

Make New Zealand your home and enjoy the leisure life style while you continue with your career. Resident visa gives you the ability to stay in New Zealand for a long term, enjoying most of the benefits of citizens.

Temporary Visas

Temporary visas enable you to visit work and conduct business for a set period of time. There should be genuine reason for your visit that may include enjoying a pleasure trip, work for a given period or meet your clients on business purpose

Business Visas

If you got enough money, you can either invest or start as an entrepreneur, both these visas can later be converted to permanent resident visas. Got Skills, ideas and $$$, this could be the ideal visa to move to New Zealand